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By partnering with Start Monday, your business will gain unique access to a hidden pool of senior automotive talent.
Start Monday can provide unfettered access to the most talented professionals within the automotive industry.
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Deeply connected within the Irish automotive industry
Our connections allow us to access senior automotive professionals both here in Ireland and abroad. The sensitive nature of our search process enables us to connect with candidates as no other company or agency can.
Immediate access to skilled automotive professionals
We waste no time in first understanding your requirements and then sourcing your ideal candidate. We understand the urgency associated with placing your next senior hire so clarity as to your needs is paramount.
We represent Ireland's top automotive talent
Our candidates are prequalified to ensure that they have the skills and qualifications that you require. We also determine if they will fit your company culture and only submit candidates if we believe they will excel.
Nobody knows Ireland's automotive people like we do
Our team has 15 years experience within the Irish automotive sector. This means that we are uniquely placed to find and assess senior candidates who can bring new perspectives and drive success within your business.
Our Process
We do our best to ensure that the hiring process is as robust but straightforward as possible.
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Complete a brief to discover the ideal candidate you want and when you want them. This gives us a clear picture of the exact type of candidate you need.
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Once you dot the i's and cross the t's, we can begin our search process.
Based on these requirements, we present you with details of the most suitably qualified candidates.
One Stop Shop
We can assist in several ways; compiling a detailed job description, acting as co-interviewer, managing the logistics of the interview itself (providing transport and office facilities), and advice on benchmarking for compensation packages, which means you can focus on doing what you do best.
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When you have identified your ideal candidate and are ready to make and offer, we can conduct reference checks and assist with negotiation between client and candidate.
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Case Studies

Why should I use Start Monday when I can just post my job vacancy on a jobs website?
The most common feedback we receive from senior candidates is that under no circumstances, will they apply for a senior vacancy through a generic job site, given the complete lack of confidentiality that can arise. There is a real fear and reticence among senior candidates that, should they express an interest in moving roles, their existing employer will become aware of their intentions and potentially make life very difficult for them.

By dealing directly with Start Monday, our candidates and clients can be assured of total confidentiality and sensitivity. Our approach allows us gain far wider access to the available pool of senior automotive talent far more so than any job site or job advert will ever possibly generate.
I've never used a Recruiter before. How exactly does it work?
We partner with clients to ensure that we have a full and thorough understanding of the type of candidate they need. Our experience within the industry can often mean that we are uniquely positioned to make positive suggestions as to the manner in which the job description is written, how the proposed structural changes within your business will be communicated to existing staff and what compensation and benefits package is most appropriate for this hire.

We are contactable either directly through our website, over a coffee at our office or are more than willing to come and meet you at your place of business.
Can Start Monday promise me that I'll get access to a quality candidate?
We are fortunate enough to lay claim to have access to Ireland's largest source of senior automotive talent. Before sharing candidate details with our clients, all candidates are prequalified through a rigorous screening and verification process. All candidates are met with in person, their CVs are scrutinised and their references are fully checked upon request.

We are not in the habit of bombarding our clients with multiple CVs but instead, will work with you to distill your specific requirements, ensuring that we connect you with your perfect candidate.
When am I charged for your service?
There is absolutely no charge to use Start Monday's services when it comes to sourcing candidates for your consideration. You will only be invoiced following a successful candidate placement and will receive the invoice upon their first day in their new role.

We send our clients a personalised contract which clearly outlines our terms and conditions prior to agreeing to conduct a candidate search on your behalf. Once we receive a signed agreement, we can begin the process.
What happens if the candidate doesn't work it?
It is incredibly rare for any of our candidates not to fulfil both ours and our client's expectations. For businesses who have not engaged the services of Start Monday before, we fully understand that this is a legitimate question.

To allay any concerns our clients may have, we have an in-built protection mechanism within our contracts which ensures that, in the unlikely event of a candidate not fulfilling their contractual requirements within an agreed initial timeframe, we will either, at the request of our client, offer a refund or will source a suitable alternative candidate at no additional cost.
How can Start Monday ensure that my new senior employee will be a success?
It is both in our best interest and that of our client that all of our candidates are hugely successful in their new roles. When it comes to senior hires however, we have a tailored onboarding package that we can provide which will ensure that your new senior hire is given every opportunity to succeed.

This onboarding process focuses on the candidate's first 90 days in their new role and will help facilitate a clear and unambiguous set of performance criteria and objectives which can be agreed between you, the employer and the incoming candidate.

In addition to our specialism as a dedicated automotive recruiter, our team is also vastly experienced when it comes to providing specific coaching and development for senior hires. So whether it's a Financial Controller, an Aftersales Manager or a Sales Manager, we can offer a robust and comprehensive suite of development tools to ensure a mutually successful outcome for both parties.
Is Start Monday just focused on working with Dublin based dealerships and manufacturers?
We are a national automotive recruitment agency and have partnered with businesses right across the island of Ireland.
I need to hire someone but I need help compiling a job spec, can you help?
On a daily basis, we work with clients to develop tailored job descriptions to match their requirements. To ensure there is no ambiguity as to those requirements, we ask our clients to be as specific as possible as to they type of candidate they need. On that basis, we have developed a simple brief form which we invite all clients to complete before engaging with our services.
We are currently assessing pay levels among our sales team. Can Start Monday help guide us to ensure that our structures are within industry norms?
This is a commonly asked question from our clients. Many dealerships and distributors are revisiting the manner in which they remunerate their employees and more often than not, we are asked to guide them through this process.

When it comes to sales staff, basic rates of pay and commission structures can vary widely. Knowing what suits you and your business can sometimes be fraught with complexity. Start Monday has experience in working with dealerships to put in place a workable, easily-understood and clearly defined compensation and benefits structure for their sales employees.
I am about to open a brand new dealership and will need a wide range of candidates. Can Start Monday help kit-out my new dealership?
Thankfully the Irish Motor Industry is in a growth phase and we are actively engaged with several dealers as they embark upon an expansion project. Whether they are building a brand new state-of-the-art facility, taking on an additional franchise or are refurbishing existing premises, we have partnered with dealerships to ensure they have they right employees and skill sets to meet demand.

We are cognisant of how complex and time consuming the establishment of a new site can be. As part of that process, recruitment can be particularly time consuming and energy draining. Our clients have seen significant benefits in handing Start Monday the responsibility for sourcing their new team so as to allow them deal with the myriad of other issues which need dealing with as part of any new business launch.
Does Start Monday have access to international candidates?
With the industry constantly evolving and professionalising the manner in which they operate, many of our clients are now very open to the prospect of hiring candidates with strong international experience. The industry as a whole is uniquely placed to attract returning expats who, for a number of different reasons, emigrated over the last number of years.

The levels of training, access to best practice sales processes and exposure to world-class brands has meant that there is now a significant number of skilled automotive professionals who desire a return home to work in the Irish Motor Industry.

Start Monday has heavily focused on developing relationships with our exiles in places like Australia, UK and the Middle East. While the benefits of working abroad are many, the driving force among the vast majority of expats is the call to come home and raise a family here.

We continue to pursue our agenda of creating an image of our industry as a source of stability and rewarding opportunities for our returning expats. This injection of new, fresh talent into our industry is something we are strongly focused on and should you wish, we can put you in touch with some of these outstanding candidates.